introduction of c language

C is a high programming language, used in common  purpose programming, developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell laboratory in USA in 1969 and 1973.It was mainly developed as a system programming language  to write operating system. Like syntax of Java php, JavaScript and many other Languages  is commonly based on c language.C was invented to write Linux OS  and  UNIX Os (operating system). The php and my SQL are also written in c. c language is coded in assembly language , c is very reliable and complex language. C language is very simple and easy to use. C compiler and also UNIX applications are written in c.

introduction of c language

Introducation to computer can be understand simply by given below picstures.

introduction of c language

  interesting facts of c programming

  1. C was developed and realized in 1969 and 1973.
  2. It was invented at AT & T Bell laboratories in 1973.
  3. in 1988 the it was formalized by (ANSI) American national standard institute.
  4. C supports 45 operators which are categories in eight (8)  groups.
  5. in c there are two types of constants ( primary and secondary)
  6. C is a structural programming language in which complex program can be broken into smaller pieces.
  7. C was invented  for UNIX operating system.
  8. C is one of the most widely used programming language.
  9. C  is case sensitive language.
  10.  C is a High level language only human can understand this language not a computer.

use of c programming

c language can be used in various fields

  1. Operating system.
  2. Assembler and  compiler.
  3. Modern programs.
  4. Database.
  5. Language interpreter.

C has many reason to become popular which are.

  1. c is the first programming language which gain a benefit to become a popular.
  2. c language is the structured programming in this we can brake the complex program into smaller pieces.
  3. c is a high level language human can understand easily.
  4. c has modern programming concepts.
  5. c can be compiled on many platforms mean it can be compiled on many compilers.

Advantages of c

  1. C is a high level language.
  2. c combines the features of both high level and low level language.
  3. c is a structured programming language it breaks the complex program into smaller pieces which makes the program easy to understand.
  4. c language syntax are very easy to understand.
  5. in c the execution process is very fast rather then other programming languages.

Disadvantage of c

  1. c don,t provide  (object oriented concepts).
  2. c don,t provide constructor and destructor.
  3. c is a case sensitive language.