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Traffic Lights Controller Project Using transistors

Traffic Lights Controller are used to control the vehicular traffic on the road. In the modern age, almost everyone has different types of vehicles that become the cause of traffic problems. That is why traffic lights signals are compulsory to avoid the traffic jams on the roads. There are three signals lights in the traffic signal, describing the different message for the drivers. Red light sign tells the driver to stop and wait till the green light. Green light gives permission to drivers that they are free to drive. The yellow light alerts the driver to wait if the next light is red then they should stop and if the next light is green they should go.
Traffic lights has been proved to be an amazing and important source to stop the vehicular collisions nowadays. Traffic lights Controller circuit are become very popular and very important nowadays to control the traffic sign. The traffic Light Controller circuit mostly build with IC 4017 & 555 Timers.

Traffic Lights controller

In this project we are going to make a very simple traffic light controller circuit even an early age electronic student can make it very easily. We have used three transistors with necessary composts to complete the project of traffic sign.

Traffic Lights Controller Project

Components Required for Traffic Lights Controller

These components can be used for these Both projects

Circuit Diagram of 3 LEDs chaser with transistors

This circuit will flash 3 LEDs with Turn to Turn with same speed of time interval. Later on we will modify this circuit for traffic lights signals.

You can change time interval with change in capacitors. More power capacitor decrease speed of chasing and less power capacitor increases the speeds. You can also connect variable resistor on the place of 100 k resistor to adjust the time interval as want.

The given animated GIF file shows the signals light are glowing with same time interval, but we have to change the time interval of these lights.

Circuit Diagram for Traffic Lights Controller

As we have already mentioned that the time interval of these LEDs can be adjusted as you want. This circuit diagram shows how can you change this circuit as traffic lights signals. We can change the time interval among these three LEDs by using two methods.

  • Change in Resistor
  • With change in capacitor

You can change the time interval among these three LEDs if you change the value of resistor. Increase in resistor value will increase the time interval of corresponding Light and with the decrease in the resistor value will decrease the interval.

Note: Time interval can be adjusted according to yous desire if you use potentiometer (variable resistance) instead of fixed resistors. So in this way you can build very efficient Traffic lights signals regulator very easy.

Traffic Lights Controller Using IC555 and CD4017