Types of Electrical circuits with diagrams

An electric circuit is the conductive path for the flow of current is called an electric circuit. A conductive wire is used for connectivity among the source of voltage and load. An ON/ OFF switch is also used between the source and load. In this article, we are going to explain deeply the Types of Electrical circuits.

Types of Electrical circuits

There are five (5) main types of the electric circuit: these circuits are divided by their nature as follows

  • Close circuit 
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Series circuit
  • Parallel circuit

Open and Closed Circuit: Types of electrical circuits

As Circuit is not completed and the switch is on the off position this condition is called an open circuit and When the load work by itself in the circuit it is called a closed circuit. in this case, the value of the current flow depends on the load. Both conditions are shown in the given below diagram:

Short Circuit

when (+&-) points of voltage connect in a circuit get joined with each other for any reason it is called a short circuit. In this situation the flow of current is maximum.
A mostly short circuit happens when conducting electrical wires get joined due to shorting in the load.

Series circuit

When there are two or more loads connected with each other in a series it is called a series circuit. like Bulbs, LEDs, Fans, etc. In the series circuit if one load gets fused then the remaining will not get a power supply and not work. The circuit diagram of the Series and the parallel circuit is given below.

Parallel Circuit

when two or more loads are connected with each other side by side it is called a parallel circuit. In this case or type of circuit voltage capacity of all loads is equal in the input supply but the power of the load can be different. In this circuit, if one load or bulb gets fused then the remaining will still get a power supply. The circuit diagram of the Series and the parallel circuit is given below.

Difference Between Series And Parallel Circuit

The basic difference series and the parallel circuit are described in the given Circuit diagram.

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