4 volts to 10000 volts Circuit

In this artical i have cleared a very very interested project with ferrite core core transformer.  This project is high volts current converter from very low voltage current.  This project takes volts form DC source and converts it in AC volts.

4v to 10000v Ac

4v to 40000v AC

Control Frequency with Potentiometer 

4v to high volts

5 thoughts on “4 volts to 10000 volts Circuit”

  1. First of all thank you for this very good website for those who want to realize electronic projects.
    For me I am interested by this project (4V to 10kV DC to AC converter) that I want to know some explanations like:
    How does the transistor work with the two primary transformers to create a high voltage at the output?
    What is the shape of the signal in the collector (pin C) of the transistor? if it is periodic, its frequency depends on what?
    Thank you in advance for explaining to me the operating principle of this circuit

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