Interactive and Non-interactive computer graphics

In computer science, computer graphics are the art of drawing pictures, lines, charts, etc on the computer screen. To display a picture of any size on a computer screen is a very difficult process. It is simplified by using Computer graphics. Graphics on the computer screen are produced by using various techniques and algorithms. in this article, we are going to explain interactive and non-interactive computer graphics.

Interactive and Non-interactive computer graphics

Non-Interactive or Passive Computer Graphics:

In non-interactive or passive computer graphics, the picture is produced on the computer screen, and the user does not have any control over the image. In simple wording, the user cannot make any changes to an image. Example: screen savers.

In non-interactive computer graphics, users can only see the produced image. The produced image can not be changed by the user. It is a one-way communication between users and computers.

Non-Interactive or Passive Computer Graphics

Interactive Computer Graphics:

In interactive Computer Graphics, users can make some changes to the produced image. In simple users have some kind of control over the picture. Interactive Computer Graphics require two-way communication between the computer and the user. A User can see the produced image and make a change by sending his command using the input device.


  1. Higher Quality Resolution
  2. More precise results
  3. Greater Productivity
  4. Lower analysis and design cost
  5. Significantly enhances our ability to understand data.

Working on Interactive Computer Graphics:

The modern graphics display is very simple in construction. It consists of three components:

  1. Frame Buffer or Digital Memory Buffer
  2. A Monitor likes a home T.V.
  3. Display Controller or Video Controller:

Difference between Interactive and non-Interactive Computer Graphics

interactive Computer Graphics  Non-Interactive Computer Graphics 
The image can be changed by the user The image can not be changed by the user
It is Two-way communication between the user and the computer It only on the way communication by user and computer
For example, Almost all computers interact with the user. For Example, The familiar example of a non-interactive computer graphic is TV broadcasting.

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