C1815 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features

C1815 is a bipolar junction NPN transistor widely used in commercial and educational projects. It is used for audio amplification and high-frequency oscillator(OSC). It can be easily used in circuits using below 50V DC because the collector-base voltage of this transistor is 50V. The collector current of the transistor is 150mA which is why it can drive a load below 150mA. It is ideal to use in audio amplification because collector power dissipation and DC current gain value are very good. Moreover, it can also be used as a switch to drive loads under 150mA.

C1815 transistor Pinout

C1815 is available in a plastic TO-92 case. It consists of 3 pins

  • Collector
  • Emitter
  • Base
    Pin detail is given below in the picture

C1815 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features

Characteristics of the C1815 bipolar transistor

  • Type – general purpose NPN
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage: 50 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage: 60 V
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage: 5 V
  • Collector Current: 0.15 A
  • Max Collector Dissipation (Pc):  0.4 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe): 70 to 700
  • Max Transition Frequency: 80 MHz
  • Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C
  • Package – TO-92

Classification of hFE

The C1815 transistor current gain range may have between 70 and 700. The current gain range of C1815O will be  70 to 140, the C1815Y range is from 120 to 240,  The current gain range of C1815GR is 200 to 400 and C1815BL ranges from 350 to 700.

Replacement and equivalent transistor for the C1815

You can replace the C1815 with the following transistors(pin configuration may differ so please must check the pins before replacement with these transistors:

2SC1815, C945BC547BC5482N2222A, 2SC3918, 2SC2458, 2SC3198, 2SC3920, 2SC3199, 2SC3916, 2SC3917, 2SC3919, 2SC3921, 2SC3922, 2SC3923, KSC1815, KSC945C, KTC3198 and KTC3199.

Complementary PNP transistor

The complementary PNP transistor of C1815 is BC557.

SMD Equivalent of C1815

The SMD of the C1815 are available as the KTC3875 (SOT-23), 2SC4116 (SOT-323), 2SC4738 (SOT-23), FJX945 (SOT-323), KTC3875S (SOT-23) and 2SC2712 (SOT-23)


  • Used for general-purpose switching
  • Used in class A and B amplifiers
  • Preamplifier circuits
  • Push and Pull configuration circuits