2n2907 transistor is a PNP Bipolar transistor available in a metal can package, having a high 600mA value of current with a low voltage of 40v. Transistor 2N2907 being is fully biased when a positive current is given to the base. This transistor is having a gain value of 100-300 which shows the amplification capacity. It is also used for amplification and switching. When the transistor is fully biased it allows a maximum of 500mA current through the collector and emitter of 1.6v its called the saturation region. When the base current is removed the transistor is in an off state it is called the Cut-off region.

Transistor 2n2907 pinout

Transistor 2n2907 pinout

Pin No. Pin Name Explanation
1 Emitter Current Drains in through emitter
2 Base Controls the current between the collector and Emitter
3 Collector Current flows out through the collector

Features of 2n2907 Transistor:

  • Type of packages – TO-92,
  • These are Lead (Pb) free devices
  • Having a high value of current (maximum. 600 mA)
  • Low voltage value (maximum. 40 V)
  • maximum Collector to Emitter voltage (VCEO) is(40v maximum.)
  • Collector- to- Base voltage (VCBO) is 60volt
  • Emitter- to- Base voltage(VEBO) is 5volt (normally)
  • The max value of Collector current is 600mA
  • Power dissipation at ambient temperature is about 400mW
  • Having DC current gain (hfe) of 100 – 300 (maximum)
  • The temperature of operation & storage is -65 to +150 °C

The 2N2907 transistor in a TO-92 package:

Electrically similar transistors in a TO-92 package: PN2907, MPS2907, KN2907, KTN2907

Compliment of 2N2907:

The complement of 2N2907 is 2N2222a

2n2907 equivalent SMD:

The SMD versions of the 2N2907 are available as the PMST2907 (SOT-23),  2SB710A (SOT-23), FMMT2907 (SOT-23), FMMT2907R (SOT-23), KN2907S (SOT-23), KTN2907S (SOT-23), MMBT200 (SOT-23), PMBT2907 (SOT-23) and KTN2907U (SOT-323).

2n2907 equivalent SMD

2N2907 as Switch Circuit:

When transistor 2907 is used as a switch it works in two regions saturation region and a cut-off region. By default, this transistor is in an ON state, but not to be said perfectly on until the base pin is not connected with the ground. As we apply negative current to the base pin transistor 2n2907 will be fully biased and said to be turned ON. When we applied a positive current to the base transistor turn off.

2907 transistor used as Amplifier:

2907 can be used as an amplifier because it allows the high current gain of 600mA to pass through the collector to the emitter. Three configurations used in an amplifier circuit are a common emitter, a common base, and a common collector. It is used for low amplifier circuits mostly used in 1st stage amplifiers.

Applications of 2N2907:

  • It Can be used in Darlington Pair.
  • Also, can be used for making sirens or dual Led or Lamp flashers.
  • Used in various switching applications.
  • It is used for low-power amplifications.

2n2907 to92 datasheet:

To read about the datasheet of the 2n2907 transistor please click

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