BC558 is a transistor that can be used in many kinds of typical purpose applications. It can be used for any kind of typical amplification or switching. Using it as a switch to drive load it can control 100mA of load with 30volt. The collector dissipation is 500mW and the max DC gain is 800 so it can also be used as an audio preamplifier and for audio amplification purposes. The base voltage of the emitter is -5volt due to which this transistor can also be used at the output of microcontrollers.

The device is made in three different types of numbers BC558A, BC558B, and BC558C and the only difference among these three part numbers is their HFE cost which can be detected by researching the last alphabet after the number, if the last alphabet is “A” then the HFE cost will be 110-to-220, if “B” then 200-to-450 and if its “C” then it will be 420-to-800.

BC558 Transistor Pinout diagram

The pin configuration of transistor bc558 is given below in the diagram

BC558 Transistor is PNP general purpose transistor

Features of BC558 Transistor:

  • Type of Package: TO-92
  • Type of Transistor: PNP
  • Maximum Collector Current(IC): -100mA
  • Maximum Collector and Emitter Voltage (VCE): -30V
  • Max Collector-to-Base Voltage (VCB): -30V
  • Max Emitter-to-Base Voltage (VBE): -5V
  • Collector Dissipation (Pc): 500 Milliwatt
  • Transition Frequency (fT): 100 MHz
  • DC Current Gain (hFE): 110 – 800
  • Storage and Operating temperature Should be: -65 to +150Centigrade

Complement of NPN Transistor:

The Complement of BC558 NPN Transistor is: BC547

Replacement and Equivalent of BC558:

The Alternative of BC558 NPN transistors are: BC5592N3906BC3382N4403A1015, BC557 

How We Can Use BC558

These transistors are made for typical purposes and applications and can be used in any kind of common requirements in electronic circuits. For example, if used as a switch it can control any load under 100mA like relays, integrated circuits LEDs, other big transistors, etc. On the other hand, it can also be used as a preamplifier or audio amplifier and for any kind of signal amplification.

Applications of BC558:

  • Darlington pair
  • Audio amplifier
  • Any Signal Amplification
  • Preamplifier
  • Drive Load under 100mA

How to Get Long-Term Performance with BC558:

To get long performance from BC558 it is recommended to drive a load of more than 100mA so do not operate a load of above 30V, always use a suitable base resistor, must be checked pin configuration before setting in the circuit, and do not operate or store it in temperature under the -65 centigrade and above +150 centigrade.

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