The 2N7000 N-channel MOSFET is a small signal. These MOSFET’s are power electronic switches such as transistors, However, with a higher current and voltage grading. The 2N7000 MOSFET can be used to switch loads which works on less than 60V (VDS) and 200mA (ID). The Pin Configuration of 2N7000 N-Channel MosFET.

2N7000 N-Channel MosFET Pin detail

2N7000 MOSFET pin detail

Pin Number Pin Name Explanation
1 Source Current flows out through Source
2 Gate Controls the current between Drain and Source
3 Drain Current flows in through Drain

Features Of 2N7000:

  • Available in To-92 Package
  • Turn ON and Turn off time is 10ns each.
  • Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 3V
  • Drain-Source Voltage (VDS) is 60V
  • Small signal N-Channel MOSFET
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 200mA
  • Pulsed Drain Current (ID-peak) is 500mA
  • Gate-Source Voltage is (VGS) is ±20V

Equivalent Of 2N7000 N-Channel MosFET.

The Alternate of 2N7000 are: BS170, NTE 491, IRF3205, IRF540N, IRF9Z34N, IRFP250N, IRFZ44. IRF740 MOSFET

Complement of 2N7000:

Complement of 2N7000 is:BS250

How we can use 2N7000:

A Mosfet has 3 terminals source, gate and Drain. Current always flows in through the Drain and Source. The Gate pin work as a switch for remain ON or OFF the mosfet. If the gate will be connected to ground then the mosfet will be off that there will be no connection among Drain and source. If the Gate is connected with positive point of battery than the MOSFET will be ON. Thus, by controlling the Voltage (VGS) we can change the Mosfet hence the MOSFET is a voltage controlled device. The Gate Source Voltage (VGS) is an important parameter while using the transistor. For 2N7000 transistor the VGS is 20V, so when we give this voltage the MOSFET will be fully off. Any values in among 20V is make the MOSFET to close partially thus creating a partial relation. The load which is being switched by the MOSFET can be upto 60volt and can used upto 200mA (ID)

Applications of 2N7000:

  • LED dimmers or flashers
  • Switching High voltage loads
  • Low power Analog converters or inverters
  • Commonly used for small signal switching

2n7000 smd

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