TIP127 Transistor is a PNP BJT Darlington transistor. This transistor is a must-have transistor in electronics laboratories because it can also be used for kind of general-purpose applications where you have a need for high gain. TIP127 transistor can drive a load of up to 5A, the collector and emitter voltage of this transistor are 100V due to which it can easily drive a load of under 100V DC. Apart from that the max  DC current gain of this transistor is 1000 and the maximum collector dissipation is 65W due to which it can also be used in audio and other signal amplification purposes. The Pin configuration of TIP127 Transistor Pinout.

TIP127 Transistor Pinout

The pin configuration of transistor TIP127 is given below.

TIP127 Transistor Pinout, equivalent & Features

 TIP127 Transistor Features

  • Type of Package: TO-220
  • Type of Transistor:  PNP
  • Maximum Collector
  • Max Collector & Emitter Voltage (VCE): –100V
  • Max Collector to Base Voltage (VCB): –100V
  • Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): –5V
  • Max Collector Dissipation (Pc): 65 Watt
  • Minimum  and Maximum DC Current Gain (hFE): 1000
  • Max Storage and Operating temperature: -65 to +150 Centigrade

 The complement of PNP Transistor

The Complement of TIP127 is TIP122

The equivalent of a PNP Transistor

The Alternate of TIP 127 Transistor these are:TIP107, BD268A,BD650, BD652 BDT62B,MJE6042, MJE6041, MJE6042, MJF127, MJF6668., TIP137, BD902, BD802,

How We Can Use TIP127NPN Transistor

TIP127 PNP transistors can be used in different varieties of applications. The pair of transistors connected inside as Darlington adds the transistor gain and performance, whether it is used as a switch or amplifier in both situations the Darlington pair provides more sensitivity to a small signal. If you want to use it as a switch then this transistor can be operated in complete saturation mode by providing only 120mA to its base. With 5A output current, you can operate a variety of devices and parts in your electronic applications.TIP127 PNP transistor can also be used as a different audio amplifier to amplify and operate a speaker directly for small audio coming from any device.  TIP127 Transistor Pinout can also be used as an audio preamplifier or amplification of any signal.

TIP127 Transistor Applications

  • Drive Loads under 5A
  • Audio Amplifier Stages
  • Audio Power Amplifier
  • Audio Preamplifiers
  • Can be used at the output of the microcontroller

Where we can save & Run in a circuit

To get long-term performance with the TIP127 transistor is recommended to not drive a load of more than 5A through this transistor. Do not operate a load of more than -100V through this transistor and Use a suitable base resistor with the transistor. Always must be checked pinout before placing in the circuit and do not store in temperatures below -65 centigrade and above +150 centigrade.