This article is about different types od diodes, their working, and their features of diodes. The Diode is an electrical part that allows the flow of current only in one direction. In circuit diagrams, a diode is represented by a triangle with a line across one peak. Pin configuration of the diode. In this article, we are going to explain in detail the diode and types.


Different types of Diodes

Different Types OF Diodes

There are ten several types of diodes available for use in electronic design, namely;

  • Backward Diode
  • BARRETT Diode
  • Gunn Diode
  • Laser Diode
  • Light-emitting Diode
  • photo Diode
  • PIN Diode
  • Step recovery diode
  • Tunnel diode
  • Zener diode

Backward Diode and types

The Backward diode is not widely used also called the back diode. This type of diode is a PN-junction diode that is similar to the tunnel diode in its process. It finds a few particular applications where its special features can be used.


Backward diode


The BRITT diode is short term of this diode Barrier Injection Transit Time diode.It is applicable in microwave applications and allows common comparisons to the maximum used IMPATT diode.

Gunn Diode

Gunn diode is a PN junction diode, this sort of diode is a semiconductor device that has two terminals.  This diode is commonly used for producing microwave signals.

Gunn Diode

Laser Diode

The laser diode is not similar to the ordinary LED because it creates coherent light. These diodes are widely used in many applications like CD drives laser light pointers and DVDs for PPTs. However these diodes are cheap than other kinds of laser generators, but they are much more costly than LEDs.

Laser Diode

Light Emitting Diode

LED stands for light-emitting diode which is one of the most standard kinds of diode. When the diode is connecting in forwarding bias, then the current flows through the junction and creates the light. There are also many new LED progress changes they are OLEDs & LEDs.

Light Emitting Diode


The photodiode is used to disclose light. This diode is found that whenever light strikes a PN-junction it can generate electrons and holes. Generally, photodiodes work under reverse bias conditions where even a small quantity of flow of current resulting from the light can be easily noticed. These diodes can also be used to create electricity.

PIN Diode

This type of diode is featured by its construction. This diode has the standard P-type & N-type regions, but the area among the two regions namely the intrinsic semiconductor has no doping. The region of the intrinsic semiconductor has the effect of growing the area of the decreased region which can be advantageous for switching applications.

Laser diode

Step Recovery Diode

A step recovery diode is a kind of microwave diode used to create pulses at very HF. These diodes depend on the diode that has very fast turn-off features for their operation.

step recover diode

Tunnel Diode

The tunnel diode is used for microwave applications where its performance surpassed that of other components of the day.

tunnel diode

Zener Diode

The Zener diode is used to give a fixed reference voltage. As a result, it is used in wide quantities. This diode operates under reverse bias conditions and found that when a specific voltage arrives it breaks down. If the flow of current is limited by a resistor, it activates a fixed voltage to be operated. This kind of diode is widely used to offer a reference voltage in power supplies.

zener diode

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