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LED Chaser using transistors

In this project im going to show you how can you make a very super LED chaser using transistors some capacitors, LEDs and resistors. Transistors are very handy little components that have many capabilities in electronics fields. In the circuit i have made 5 LEDs chaser in a ring shape. This LED Chaser Circuit consists of 5 LEDs every transistor is dricing 1 LED.

Circuit Diagram of LED chaser using Transistor

The circuit diagram of LED chaser using transistors are given below all components detail is also given. If you want to change the chaser speed then you can easily incease and decrease by using different capicitors.

LED Chaser using transistors

Hardware Components

The following components are required to make LED Chaser Circuit

  • Transistors BC 547 ( or any other NPN transistor)
  • 220 ohm resistors ( resistors value can be changed according to desire)
  • 20k resistor
  • 5 LEDs (any color)
  • 3 to 12 volts battery or power supply
  • 47uf capacitors (16v)
  • copper wire for rings

LED chaser using transistors full construction videos

Working of LED Chaser using transistors

The key component of this circuit is BC547 transistor array. When we power on the DC signal triggers the base of the transistor (T1), Lighting up the first LED. After that the collector output of T1 acts as the control signal at the base of transistor T2, which lights up the 2nd LED after a set period of delay due to a 47uF Capacitor.

Then the Output DC signal triggers the base of transistor T3 which in turn on the 3rd  LED after a  specific delay. In this way all led glows and after the last led, this process continue. Your can increase and decrease the speed of glowing simly by changing the capacitors.

LED Chaser using transistors Applications

  • Used in various projects such Remote control switch, Light Chaser, Alarm, Touch ON-OFF  switch circuit, Clap switch circuit, Matrix Die and so on.