In this article, I have cleared a very very interesting project named volts booster by using a ferrite core transformer.  This project is high volts current converter from a very low-voltage current.  This project takes volts to form a DC source and converts them into AC volts.

Benefits of Ferrite Core Transformer

A ferrite core transformer benefits are not measurable because these days all types of UPS consists of ferrite core transformer. Hence, widely used in different electronic applications ferrite core transformers become more popular. It has excellent and high permeability and reduces the Eddy Currents. It is recognized for its low electrical conductivity. ferrite core transformer has high frequencies and delivers great performance. It provides excellent performance and is suitable for higher-frequency transformers. Hard ferrite core and soft ferrite core are two types of ferrite core transformers.

Animated Circuit diagram of volts booster

The final Project animated picture of volts Booster using a ferrite core transformer is given below.

volts booster circuit by using ferrite core transformer

Hardware Components for the volts booster

The following components are required to make Volts Booster Circuit

Components Needed for Voltage Booster using ferrite Core Transformer
Serial No Component Value Qty
1 Transistors 2sc5200 1
2 Resistor 220 1
3 Transformer 4v To 1000v 1
4 Battery 4V to 9V 1
5 Variable Resistor 10K if needed 1


Steps for constructing volts booster circuit

volts booster circuit by using ferrite core transformer

Control Frequency with Potentiometer 

volts booster circuit by using ferrite core transformer

Working Explanation Volts Booster Circuit 

Connect all components of the circuit according to the given circuit diagram. Be careful, and do not touch the transformer or its output because it has very high voltages. The potentiometer is used to set and control the frequency of output voltage. The base of the transistor (2SC5200) is connected in series to the potentiometer as given in the circuit diagram. The emitter is connected to the negative voltage of the battery. 

Applications Ferrite core transformer

As we have discussed above the ferrite core transformer is not a key component of all types of inverters and other electronics projects. It has many uses some important uses are given below

    • Inverter circuits can also use this circuit.
    • Any circuits that need to boost up the input DC to output AC voltage.
    • Uses in all types of modern inverters
    • used in hobby projects
    • used in all types of power supplies