In this article we are going to show you a simple LM386 audio amplifier circuit. Circuit diagram of the LM386 audio amplifier circuit is shown in the given below diagram and animated picture. It is built by using popular amplifier LM386 (IC). We have used 8-ohm speaker, one-watt speaker, four electrolyte capacitors. We have used 6 volts power supply as power. This circuit can be used in many applications like portable intercoms,MP3 players, radio amplifiers, TV sound, Ultrasonic devices etc.

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit using 10k pot

In this circuit we have used 10k pot to adjust the voice volum and it also control the voice quality.

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

Components required

  • LM386 IC
  • 10uf capacitor 2
  • 47uf capacitor 1
  • 220uf capacitor 1
  • 10 potintio meter
  • 8 ohm 1 watts speaker
  • 4 to 6v battery

Animated Circuit with full components detail

IC LM386 is a famous low power audio amplifier, it consumes low power supply like batteries in electronics and electrical circuits. This IC consists of 8 pins. Voltage gain of this amplifier can be adjusted to 20, and gain voltage will be 200 by connecting external components like capacitors as well as resistors among the pins’ no 8 and 1. As the amplifier uses 6 volts power supply for operation than the static power drains 24 mill watts to make the amplifier. This IC consists of 8-pins where pin-1 and pin-8 are gain control of the amplifier.

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

Pin Configuration of LM386

This IC consists of 8 pin the functions of all pins are as follows.

  • Pin1 (gain Pin): The 1st pin of this IC is gain pin it is used adjust the amplifier from the external components like capacitors resistors.
  • Pin2 (-Input Pin): Pin 2 is the input pin of this IC, it is used to provide the audio signal.
  • Pin3 (+INPUT): Pin 3 is the inverting terminal and it is connected to ground.
  • Pin4 (GND): This pin is used to connect ground of the circuit.
  • Pin5 (Vout): Cout pin is used to get output of the amplifier.
  • Pin-6 (VCC): This pin is used to connect supply.
  • Pin-7 (Bypass): The bypass pin is used to connect a decoupling capacitor.
  • Pin-8 (Gain): It is used for setting.

Features of IC LM386

The main features of LM386 IC are given below.

  • IC LM386 is 8-pin MSOP
  • External components are minimum
  • Low static power drain
  • The range of supply is 4 to 12 volts
  • Input is referred by ground
  • Distortion is very less 0.2

Applications of LM386

The IC LM386 audio amplifier is used in the audio section, and it is mostly used in the following applications.

  • Bridge oscillator
  • Use In the Power converters
  • Ultrasonic drivers
  • Small servo drivers
  • In Line drivers
  • It is used in TV sound systems
  • Portable MP3 players
  • It is used in AM and FM radio
  • Audio boosters consists of these IC
  • Speakers of laptop & portable