A small and simple AM Radio project with only 2 transistors. Mediumwave stations can be listened to in your area through this circuit. The variable capacitor (VC1) in parallel with the coil (L1) acts as a tunable resonant circuit. This “tank” circuit can be adjusted at the desired AM frequency.

Simple AM Radio receiver at home

Components required for Simple AM Radio Receiver Circuit

Following Components are required for this simple AM Radio Circuit. Frequency can be adjusted according to the Component’s powers and formula. Detail about the components is given below.

Ref Des Name Value Description
C1 Capacitor 0.1uf PF Capacitor
C2 Capacitor 470pF PF Capacitor
C3 Capacitor 10uf 25v
C4 Capacitor 10uf 25v
L1 AIR CORE 200uH Air core coil
Q1 Transistor 2n2222 NPN
Q2 Transistor 2n2222 NPN
R1 Resistor 1M 1/4 wats
R2 RESISTOR 22k 1/4 wats
R3 RESISTOR 4.7K 1/4 wats
R4 RESISTOR 1K 1/4 wats
VR1 Variable Resistor 4.7K 4.7K to 10K
SP Speaker 8 Ohm simple


Circuit Diagram of Simple AM Radio Receiver

The circuit diagram of a Simple and homemade Am Radio Circuit is given below with total detailed components.

RF component of Simple AM Radio Receiver Circuit

Modulated RF voltage developed through the tuned circuit is given the transistor (Q1) 2n2222 through the coupling capacitor (C1) 0.2uf. After feeding, Q1 amplifies modulated signals and demodulates the signal. In the collector terminal of Q1, the RF component is shorted to ground through the capacitor (C2) 470pf.

Amplification of the Audio and regeneration

In the circuit, Q2 is separate for audio output. At the emitter of Q1 (NPN transistor), a portion of the signal is fed back to  L1. The amount of this feedback is adjustable with a variable resistor (VR1). The speaker is connected to the collector of Q2 for the output of amplified singles through C4. The capacitor C3 is charged through Q2 and fed Q1 through Resistor (R1). The voltage through C3 is fed back as an automatic gain control to the base of Q1. This circuit can be used as a final project for electronics students. For more detail, please visit

Application of AM Radio

This AM Radio Circuit can be used for the following purposes.

  • Electronics Fun
  • Electronics beginner students
  • To listen to AM broadcasting

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