In this article, I have explained the circuit design for LED Flasher using a timer IC 555. This circuit design explains the working and use of Timer IC 555. This IC uses many applications, generally used in Lamp Dimmers, Timer Switch, Wiper Speed control, PWM Modulation, Variable duty cycle fixed-frequency oscillators, etc. This circuit is designed using a low-power consumption output device. 

LED Flasher Using Timer IC 555

Components LED Flasher using timer ic

Practical video LED Flasher using timer ic

The following circuit design explains the design of the blinking LED with the 555 timer IC. Here is the pic configuration of the timer 555.

Blinking LEDs using a 555 timer IC  (2 LEDs)

This project controls two LEDs that blink one after one. We can build this circuit with a simple change in the circuit given above. The only difference is that the above circuit blinks only 1 LED but this circuit controls two LEDs. Blinking speed can increase and decrease with the resistance or change in a capacitor.


  • 555 timer IC
  • LED any color (2 LEDs)
  • 6 to 9v battery
  • 1KΩ Resistor – 2
  • 470KΩ Resistor
  • 1µF capacitor (16v or more)
  • PCB or without PCB
  • some wire

LED blinking using 8 LEDs

This simple Flasher Using Timer IC 555 is used to blink 24 LEDs with Two pairs. Both pairs of LEDs blink one after. The circuit diagram is given below. You can alter this circuit by increasing and decreasing the LED.  

LED flasher using timer ic555

Simple 8 LED Flasher using timer ic

In this simple LED Flasher, we have used 8 LEDs using timer ic. This is also a very simple circuit and also can be changed by increasing and decreasing the value of LEDs. If you want to control the speed of LEDs then you should use a variable resistor. Blinking speed can also be controlled with the change in the capacitor. 

LED blinking using timer ic

LED chaser using timer ic555 practical video

Above Flasher Using Timer IC 555 circuit is based on timer ic. If you have any questions about these circuits you can ask questions freely.

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