In this article, we are going to teach you, how to make an Led chaser using CD4017 ic easily with few components. This project is so easy even an inexperienced person can make it very easy. Many projects are available on the internet named Led Chaser circuit using 4017 and 555. But in this project, we have cleared how can you make an LED chaser.

Circuit Diagram LED Chaser using CD4017 IC

The Circuit Diagram of the LED chaser using 4017 IC is given below.

LED Chaser using CD4017 IC

In the diagram given above, we have drawn a complete sketch of the Led chaser with only 4017 ic.

4017IC pins Detail

Here are the pins detail of ic 4017 decade counter i.

CD 4017 IC

Components Required

Complete components for circuit LED Chaser using CD4017 is given below in the list

  • LEDs – 11 any color
  • Multicolor Led 5mm
  • 470-ohm resistor
  • 330-ohm resistor
  • IC 4017
  • PCB or Breadboard
  • 9v battery or power supply

Working of LED chaser using IC

CD4017 or 74HC4017 or HCF4017BE  is a 16-pin CMOS decade counter it with 10 decoded outputs. LED Chaser using CD4017 IC is based on this ic. CD 4017 it is also called the ‘Johnson 10 stage decade counter’. It gives output signals one by one in the form of a sequence when a clock signal from the clock input (pin 14) is given. When 1st clock input is given, it gives output on pin no 3 (output 0) and as clock 2 is given it gives output 1 on pin no 2, and so on.

Reset pin (pin 15) is used to reset the ic to zero- It is used to reset the counter to zero. The function of this pin (reset pin) reverts the sequence back to the initial state (zero states).

In this circuit 3 colors LED is used to give the pulse on point no 14 (clock point). If you want to give a pulse from any other source like from a timer ic or from a flip flop circuit you can do so easily. we use 555 IC normally to trigger 4017. But in this led chaser circuit with only 4017 projects we have used tri-color-led for triggering.

Video Detail of these projects

If you want to watch the work of this project please click here. In this video, we have made the project in a more clearly inefficient way. By following this video everybody can make this project at the home.

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