In this project, we are going to build a simple IC 4440 amplifier circuit but the output is very nice and very high. It is 12 volts audio amplifier using is LM4440 IC 19 Watts amplifier. We designed it without PCB and used a few capacitors with it.

we can use it in a car audio player only if we have connected the wires to the car player. It is very cheap with outstanding results. we have used ic 4440 which is stereo but in this project, we are using only one speaker mean to say mono.

Short Circuit Diagram for experiment

IC 4440 Amplifier Circuit

Features of 4440 IC:

  1. It is  2 channels amplifier ic and you can use it as Mono or as Stereo.
  2. The ripple rejection of 46dB.
  3. It is a 12v IC but it can handle voltage up to 18v.
  4. Both channels are very clear and can be separated as needed.
  5. For using 2 channels we have to use 12 watts of current.
  6. In Bridge mode Wattage must be 19W.
  7. It has a protection circuit inbuilt.

audio amplifier circuit using ic 4440

LA4440 IC is a two-channel audio amplifier with inbuilt dual channels. It is for stereo and bridge amplifier uses. In dual mode, it gives 6 watts on each channel and in bridge mode 19 watts output.

It has outclassed ripple rejection of 46dB, built-in over-voltage, and surge voltage protection. The ideal feature of the LA4440 IC is its pin-to-pin protection. Here LA4440 is wired in the mono configuration using both inputs and outputs.

Features of LA4440

  • Built-in two channels can be used as Mono or Stereo
  • Dual mode 6W  on each channel and Bridge mode 19 Watts
  •  Ripple rejection of 46dB
  • Power handling and 12V typical and can bear to 18 volts
  •  Low distortion and good channel separation
  • Pin-to-Pin protection and Built-in Audio Muting function

Full Project circuit diagram for Mono

IC 4440 Amplifier Circuit

The above diagram is very clear trenbolone enanthate and easy to understand the design of the IC 4440 amplifier circuit.  The components detail is as follows.

Components Detail

The components detail of the circuit are

  • ic LA4440
  • 47uf 16 volts capacitor (1*2)
  • 100uf 25 volts Capacitors (1*3)
  • Resistor 680 ohm
  • Resistor 100 k
  • audio jack
  • 8-ohm speaker
  • 12v supply or battery
  • some pieces of wire
  • Heat sink

Watch the video for project testing