Flashing Police Lights Circuit

Police car light flasher circuit diagram

A very interesting circuit the police car light flasher.
The main driver of the circuit is the 555 timer chips and the idea of police car light flasher having the light flash alternately and at the same time having vibrating flash.
The figure above you can see the schematic diagram of a simple LED police flasher with two popular 555 integrated circuits. Both 555 work as astable flip-flop, each with a different frequency. Their outputs are connected to anti parallel two groups of LED s. Below the animated diagram is also given to understand it with more clarity.

Components for the circuit

2 Piece of timer ic555

2 piece of 1m(1000k) resistor

1 piece of capacitor 2.2uf ( change capacitor to change the speed)

1 piece of pf capacitor 104

2 LEDs RED color

2 LEDs blue color

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